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One Direction’s New Fragrance Is Selling Like Hotcakes Even To People Who Haven’t Smelled It

Our Moment sold $560,000 in one week in the U.K.

1. The dreamboats of One Direction released their self-selected fragrance last week and it has already made more than half a million dollars.

Starpix, Dave Allocca / AP

2. The guys made a video showing them picking the scents that would go into Our Moment, along with a whole bunch of scenes of them joking around, smelling fruits and being pals.

3. The fragrance is “fruity and floral, with notes of jasmine, frangipani and grapefruit.”

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

4. Apparently that’s all 1D fans need to know because 20,000 sales were pre-orders — people who have never smelled the scent.

5. Here is the commercial causing throngs of people to throw caution to the wind and buy bottle after bottle of this undoubtedly sweet, heavenly scent.

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