Mexican Coke Is The Best Coke

Mexican Coca-Cola has taken trendy New York spots — and the rest of America — by storm. Because it’s made with real cane sugar instead of that silly high-fructose corn syrup jive!

1. A new soda champion has risen and it is known as Mexican Coke. It’s made with sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup and comes in the classic curvy glass bottle you expect to see on an episode of Mad Men.

2. New York restauranteurs say it’s definitely a thing, with some people venturing to call it “real coke.”

Greta Dana, owner of Taco Chulo in Williamsburg, has been stocking Mexican Coke since she opened the restaurant eight years ago. She says she’s seen an uptick in demand for the drink lately. “The Mexican Coke craze has been sort of recent,” she said. “But it’s definitely become more of a thing that people ask for. It’s more of a trendy item, if you could say that about a Coke.”

6. “Everywhere we go in Seattle, Mexican Coke is on the menu. Totally awesome.”

11. A page dedicated to the fizzy delight has nearly 10,000 fans on Facebook.

13. So why is Mexican Coke spoken of in hushed and semi-reverential tones? Because Pepsi and Coca-Cola introduced high fructose corn syrup to their sodas as a cheaper replacement for sugar in 1984.

Wilfredo Lee / AP

15. The Daily Mail conducted a test to find the soda pop champion, but found that most couldn’t tell the difference.

We found that while most said they preferred the Mexican version when they could see which was which, half failed to correctly identify the two drinks when they did a blind test.

16. Still, many swear that Mexican Coke is the mana of the gods. Also, this guy in San Francisco put wine in his, which looks delicious and is probably the next trend.

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