This Japanese Girl Is Learning English By Writing Short Stories About Popular Memes

This girl wins the internet.

“A,” a 20-something Japanese girl, learns English via Skype from an American who goes by “Pony.” As a learning exercise, Pony shows A popular images from the internet and has her write two or three short sentences describing them in English.

The results are charming and hilarious. Pony and A have a joint tumblr chronicling their lessons together.

ID: 1792518

Today, we are going to be worked out the cats and dogs problems. We have to say sorry for you because you dogs are going to be extinct. What would you do for the last days of your lives?

ID: 1791420

I was told to stop playing with food, but I don’t play with food. I just focused on food layout. Besides, I’ll eat all of it with ketchup. I’ll use ketchup to resemble blush.

ID: 1792180

Have’t you done it yet? I’m tired of being the Hello Kitty. I realy want you to finish it because it’s a dark chapter of my life. However, if you draw me I look bad, I won’t forget you.

ID: 1791414

I’m a very shy model and I can’t look straight at cameras. I had a talk about it to my boss and she brought this wig. It was a good idea because people didn’t recognize when I looked down as I was walking in the runway.

ID: 1791449

He is a sommelier. He can select the best wine without a taste because his nose is so sensitive. He found a job at a three-star restaurant.

ID: 1792414

I was starving and I found a bread, so I ate it very fast and furious. I forgot to bite. I started feeling strange back of my head. I don’t if I should pick it or not because my brain might get hurt by doing it.

ID: 1791462

She was eating cotton candy, and the cloud got close to her. The cloud said, “If you give me cotton candy, I will fall candy instead of rain.” She gave it to the cloud, but she didn’t believe him. However, now a lot of candy is falling from the sky, he kept his promise to her.

ID: 1791529

He wants to be a terrorist. He can never be one, because he is afraid of a gun. His right hand is placed on the gun like tomatoes are placed on a salad.

ID: 1791536

This is the newest Olympic game which is called Olympic husband hammer. The rule is very simple, you just throw your hasband as far as possible with screaming. You can get rid of stress, and get a fame and a shame.

ID: 1792410

She is madly in love with her baby. She loses herself sometimes, especially when she is kissing. Her suction power is very strong like the Dyson’s vacuum cleaner.

ID: 1792420

The beluga whale seemed to be in gloomy mood. The beluga whale started dancing as soon as they played their instruments. It got its strength back and it became a famous dancing beluga whale at the aquarium.

ID: 1792424

Don’t look at me weirdly. I’m taking a rest here because I was tired of searching for my girlfriend. According to rumors, she goes steady with a prince and she wants to be a human. I don’t believe it, but I saw a woman who was really similar to her and she looked happy with the prince.

ID: 1792428

We are going to wear skirts and put our lower part of bodies at the window. Some people may assume that we are girls and glance at us. We will count how many people do that and we will show our beautiful legs.

ID: 1792463

We were trapped by the rabbit. The rabbit offered a chance of making money. The rabbit pointed a gun when we walked in this room. The rabbit got us to call on the phone to demand $1,000,000 as ransom.

ID: 1792474

Hey, I’m floating and this condition is out of my control. I can see a flying object in front of me. Is that a UFO by any chance? Will I be a victim? There isn’t any good thing if you will kidnap me.

ID: 1792483

My dog is like the reincarnation of Beethoven because he plays the piano all alone. I haven’t taught how to play the piano before, but he knows it for some reason. What’s more, his music is partly similar to Beethoven’s music. He’s the apple of my eye, but he’s a genuine genius.

ID: 1792486

I heard that if I eat as much as I want to for breakfast, I won’t get weight because I can consume calories by sleeping. I am very excited about eating these bacon. I sip coffee every three slices of bacon and it’s the happiest moment.

ID: 1792495

I’m Mickey. I’m genuinely Mickey Mouse. I’m willing to ask him who is the icon of Disney if we could be a duo. I have an idea of our duo’s name which will be Mickey Mice.

ID: 1792501

I wanted to take a chips-bath. I have dreamed it for a long time, but I couldn’t it come true because I didn’t have enough money. It seemed to to be a small matter, but it was a big matter. However, I won the lottery! I can buy chips as many as I want to now!

ID: 1792735

My dog is very obedient. He really follows my orders well. I said, “Keep the position until I say move, then I’ll feed you,” and he’s been keeping the position for three minutes. He started appealing how he wants to stop it and have food.

ID: 1792730

I said, “Your dog looks so smart and cute as always. I want to have like your dog.” Of course, it was a flattery. I didn’t think so at heart what I thought was that my pet of a snake is the smartest and cutest!

ID: 1792746

Trashes are washed up on the beach. We collect then and made this boat which is used for collecting trashes. We have been planning to move to another city when it will be clean by the boat.

ID: 1792755

I wanted beards and I took hormone injections for several days. They worked well soon and I have beards. However, they look different from my mental image.

ID: 1792779

They are bullying me and trying swallow me. It’s a sorry saga because I was born just the other day. I have things and dreams what I want to do.

ID: 1792781

I said, “Okay, I’ll buy it. Just a second. Yesterday was payday. Let me see…” I was startled at myself because I have two slice of tomato in stead of money. I asked if I could use the tomato and the question couldn’t become even a joke.

ID: 1792437


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