Watch This Girl Make Tiny, Hyper-Realistic Polymer Food The Size Of A Fingernail

Don’t question it, just marvel at the beauty of it.

1. These are not Subway sandwiches. They’re made out of polymer clay, and they’re only an inch long.

ID: 3434056

2. YouTube user SugarCharmShop makes teeny foods out of clay using a variety of special tools.

ID: 3434071

3. Little objects, like bread, are painted to appear toasted.

ID: 3434084

4. She makes tiny deli meats…

ID: 3434090

5. …microscopic slices of bacon…

ID: 3434098

6. …miniscule green peppers…

ID: 3434112

7. …and the smallest olives you’ll ever see.

ID: 3434113

8. Then it’s all assembled into an itsy-bitsy sandwich that looks just like the real thing.

ID: 3434119

9. Watch the entire process here:

ID: 3434121

10. She makes a ton of other things, too. Like blueberry pie you can almost smell through your computer screen:

ID: 3434136

11. Itty bitty baby bananas:

ID: 3434154

12. A breakfast fit for a very, very small king:

ID: 3434164

13. Even miniscule sushi:

ID: 3434182

14. There are dozens of mesmerizing tutorials on her YouTube channel, and she even sells many of her teeny objects on her Etsy shop.

ID: 3434524

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