31 Ways 2013 Was The Most Boston Year Ever

Wicked awesome.

You may have thought that we’d reached the peak already, but you’d be wrong, because 2013 was the year of Boston.

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Here’s why.

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1. Snowstorm Nemo gave us the most passionate sign language interpreter of all time.

The Weather Channel / Via

And the woman fanning herself in the back? YOU DIDN’T INTIMIDATE ANYONE, NEMO.

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2. And this sales list from after the storm showed that Boston has its priorities in line.

Yep, sounds about right.

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3. The local news brought us the snowstorm reports that really mattered.

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4. The Whitey Bulger trial was just as Boston as you’d expect, because of course it was called “Operation Lobster.”

Long was part of '77s "Operation Lobster", looking into truck hijacking epidemic in Mass. at time.

— Jim Armstrong (@JimArmstrongWBZ)

Jim Armstrong


Long was part of ’77s “Operation Lobster”, looking into truck hijacking epidemic in Mass. at time.

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5. The MBTA finally announced that the T will run late nights on weekends starting soon.

Flickr: mountjoy / Creative Commons

So you can stay out in Kenmore as long as you want after the Sox games.

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Boston was also a mega-force in entertainment this year.

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6. The New Kids on the Block released their first album in over five years.

Janette Pellegrini / Getty Images
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7. Aly Raisman cha-cha’ed her way into the Dancing With the Stars finals this spring.

Fiercely representing her hometown of Needham.

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8. We got to reflect on the talents of Boston’s own John Krasinski and BJ Novak during The Office’s finale in May.

NBC / Via

Newton South, class of ‘97.

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9. And, of course, Acton’s Steve Carrell showed up during the finale as well.

NBC / Via
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10. Affleck and Argo took over the awards circuit at the beginning of the year.

John Shearer/Invision / AP, File
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11. And then he landed the role of Batman over the summer.

Damon probably isn’t playing Robin, but we can dream.

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Of course, there were great sports moments as well.

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12. Even though the Celtics didn’t have their best year on the court, we still got this awesome photobomb from Jeff Green.

Comcast Sports Net / Via
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13. AND former Celtics player Jason Collins became the first active professional basketball player to come out as gay.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Here he is marching in Boston’s pride parade alongside college roommate Joe Kennedy III (because obviously there’s got to be a Kennedy).

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14. Bruins fans showed their resourcefulness during the Stanley Cup finals.

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15. And even the George Washington statue in the Public Garden got in on the spirit.

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16. After a tough loss, this Bruins fan reacted in the most Boston way possible.

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17. The rest of the city “reacted,” too.

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18. The Sox had a great year, with Neil Diamond himself singing “Sweet Caroline” live at Fenway back in April.


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(The crowd got pretty into it.)

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19. Oh yeah, and the Sox won another World Series, the third since the curse was broken back in ‘04.

Fox / Via
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20. Fans celebrated just as you’d expect.

Brad Horrigan/Hartford Courant / MCT

Alongside a giant cutout of Big Papi’s head, of course!

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Of course, 2013 also saw the tragic events of the Boston Marathon bombing.

AP Photo/Elise Amendola
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21. But, in true Boston fashion, out of tragedy came examples of just why Boston is so amazing.

Boston Magazine
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22. There were the people who offered help and refuge to total strangers.

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23. And there were runners who didn’t stop after 26 miles.

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24. There was police officer Dick Donohue, who had been injured in the aftermath of the bombings, leading the Boston Pops in a rendition of “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” on the Fourth of July.

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(Oh, and he totally rocked it.)

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25. There were the thousands of law enforcement officers who showed the true meaning of solidarity when they came out to pay their tribute at a memorial service for fallen officer Sean Collier.

Handout / Reuters
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26. And there was survivor Jeff Bauman showing true Boston spirit while on the mound at Fenway to throw out the first pitch during a game in May.

AP Photo/Elise Amendola
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27. And of course, the World Series Trophy made its way to the marathon finish line after the Sox’s big win.

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28. Even in tragedy, there were some moments of levity as well, such as the fact that Dunkin’ stayed open even during the city’s lockdown.

Because Boston without an open Dunkin’ Donuts is unthinkable.

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29. And the traffic police remaining as vigilant as ever.

With Boston’s drivers, they’ve always got to be on their game.

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30. Basically, 2013 was a year for Boston to be resilient, to grow, and to show the rest of the world just how strong the city is.

Flickr: sierratierra / Creative Commons
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31. And no one did 2013 quite like them.

Flickr: paul_woolley_75 / Creative Commons
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