26 Things Only Perpetually Tired People Will Understand

If I could, I would probably sleep all day long.

1. It doesn’t matter where you are or whether there is a bed around or not, you will be able to fall asleep if you try.


Who needs a bed?

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2. No matter how noisy it is, you can sleep through basically anything.

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Nice try, but there’s no way I’m waking up for that.

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3. And you definitely don’t need a room to be pitch black to be able to take a little siesta.

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4. You completely and utterly dread waking up in the morning.

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5. And your alarm clock is basically the devil.

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6. You literally can’t understand how anyone can get by with less than eight hours of sleep a night.

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Honestly, eight is at the low end of your sleep spectrum.

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7. Your morning coffee doesn’t really seem to have any effect.

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8. And even when you try another one, it doesn’t really help.

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There is no caffeine strong enough to break through this sleepiness.

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9. You need to get up and walk around every once in a while so you don’t snooze at your desk.

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10. Or, if you have them, you must resist the temptation of working from the office couches.

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11. You always wonder if it’s worth it to take a nap when you get home from work since you’re just going to fall asleep for the night in a few hours anyway.

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12. Sometimes your friends invite you out, but you kind of just want to get in bed.

Your bed counts as a friend, though, right?

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13. The weekends have become a sacred time for you.

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14. There are times on the weekend when you’ll go back to sleep only a few hours after waking up, and you don’t feel any shame about it.

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15. Though you do often struggle to decide between getting brunch and staying in bed.

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16. You have to be extra careful not to “rest your eyes” because you WILL pass out.

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17. Any exercise makes you immediately want to climb right in bed afterward.

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“Ten jumping jacks? I think I deserve a little nap.”

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18. You’re always a little nervous that you’ll doze off in a dark movie theater.

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19. You’re so used to having bags under your eyes that it doesn’t even faze you anymore when people bring it up.

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20. Buses and planes may be uncomfortable, but you get so tired that you can sleep on them anyway.

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21. It’s inevitable that after a bit of drinking you’ll end up needing to excuse yourself to go catch some Z’s.

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22. And you consider it a late night if you manage to stay out past 11:30.

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23. You often find yourself procrastinating because you just become too tired to finish your tasks without a quick nap.

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24. You are outrageously jealous of animals like sloths that just get to chill and rest all day long.

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25. Your bed is probably the most important thing you own.

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26. Because being tired isn’t just a physical feeling for you. It’s a way of life.

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