23 People Who Did Not See What Was Coming

Expect the unexpected. Because when you don’t expect anything at all, this is what happens to you.

1. The skateboarder who was NOT ready to perform this split.

ID: 3115703

2. This prankster who was NOT expecting his target to duck.

ID: 3115718

3. The gymnast who did NOT expect his jump to go like this.

ID: 3110316

4. The guy who did NOT anticipate his friend jumping away at the last minute.

ID: 3110368

5. The scientist who was NOT told about his colleagues’ secret project.

ID: 3110389

6. The guy who was maybe OK with the basket falling over his head but was NOT prepared for the can to the groin.

ID: 3115726

7. The reporter who was NOT warned about this guy’s temper.

ID: 3110487

8. And the reporter who had NOT anticipated this kind of photobomb.

ID: 3110566

9. The snowman who did NOT realize this man wasn’t feeling very festive until it was too late.

ID: 3110594

10. The poor pedestrian who had NOT been told about the recent alien invasion.

ID: 3110615

11. The swimmer who did NOT expect a barrier to his aquatic success.

ID: 3115775

12. The Amazing Race contestant who had NOT met such a vengeful watermelon until now.

CBS / Via gifbin.com
ID: 3110695

13. The girl who did NOT remember bringing the dogs out with her.

ID: 3115730

14. The spectator who can NOT believe how bad this guy’s aim is.

ID: 3115742

15. The guy who is NOT a fan of squirrels.

ID: 3111434

16. The guy who did NOT realize his friend was such a Miley fan.

ID: 3115755

17. The skiier who had NOT known that his friend’s ski was so vindictive.

ID: 3115282

18. The lady who was NOT anticipating her workout ball taking its revenge.

ID: 3115318

19. The girl who was NOT ready for this kind of betrayal from a friend.

ID: 3115423

20. This kid who will NOT trust his parents ever again.

ID: 3115465

21. The lady who (somehow) did NOT realize this shopping cart could not hold her weight.

ID: 3115488

22. The skateboarder who had NOT realized his fail wasn’t over yet.

ID: 3115503

23. And Taylor Swift at every awards show ever.


Well, at least she pretends.

ID: 3115763

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