18 Children’s Notes Made Hilariously Inappropriate By Spelling Errors

Forgive these children, for they know not what they have written.

1. Hmm, I don’t remember this happening during Toy Story.

ID: 3171722

2. Pencils, guys. Pencils.

ID: 3209861

3. Hopefully it wasn’t a very long fall.


ID: 3204424

4. Who are we to judge an elephant’s diet?

ID: 3202341

5. Is this a demand? You want to be caught?

ID: 3202395

6. Well, then.

ID: 3203990

7. I wonder if she knows that kid’s dad.

ID: 3204330

8. “My dad wants a hores but my mom says no.”

ID: 3202144

9. She teaches alongside Walter White.

ID: 3204291

10. Technically not incorrect.

ID: 3204363

11. Not sure you can reverse the birthing process, but good luck!


ID: 3205282

12. This Spongebob fan wanted to draw a chum bucket. Instead…

ID: 3209546

13. That’s not an appropriate nickname for your friend.


ID: 3209598

14. Kurt’s feelings got pretty hurt this day.

ID: 3209635

15. Leave Eminem alone.

ID: 3209831

16. At least he left a note to say goodbye.


ID: 3209936

17. Nopenopenope.

No matter what “poop” was supposed to be, this is just wrong as is.

ID: 3209652

18. And this, where the inappropriate part isn’t misspelled, but still…

ID: 3209908

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