26 Struggles That All Germaphobes Will Understand

Because the world is a filthy, filthy place.

1. Any time you encounter one of these.

ID: 1959214

2. The entire public bathroom experience, really.

ID: 1954506

3. Especially trying to figure out how to escape after you’re done.

Some guy just went straight from the urinal to the door and you expect me to touch the handle?

ID: 1954479

4. Or going to the bathroom and then realizing that there’s no soap left.

Brb shaking in terror.

ID: 1959357

5. And since you have no control of other people’s bathroom habits, this is always a fear.

It only takes one person to contaminate an entire group.

ID: 1954774

6. You’ve got such a large supply of Purell that you’re running out of closet space.

The Lonely Island / Via
ID: 1954554

7. Dealing with people who cough or sneeze DIRECTLY INTO THEIR HAND.

TLC / Via

And then don’t wash it. WHY?

ID: 1958645

8. When a friend asks if you want to just use their cup for your drink.

Hahahaha no.

ID: 1954636

9. When you’re really thirsty but there are only public water fountains around.

So many strange mouths.

ID: 1958625

10. When someone double dips before you get a chance to have any chips yourself.

NBC / Via

Because now the whole tub of onion dip is ruined :(

ID: 1958683

11. Dealing with people who think the five second rule is totally valid.

Greg Williams / Via

No. No amount of seconds is appropriate.

ID: 1954950

12. You have at least one item of dinnerware that you will no longer use because your pet got to it once.

Damn it, Fido! That’s daddy’s plate.

ID: 1955024

13. Trying to find the balance between really wanting puppy kisses and being disgusted by your puppy’s tongue.

So cute…but ew.

ID: 1959250

14. When you’re making s’mores with friends but no one brought skewers so you’re expected to use a stick.

Nope. No campfire desserts for you.

ID: 1956126

15. Cooking anything takes forever because you spend half of the time making sure everything is washed properly.

ID: 1958951

16. Attempting to take up gardening only to realize that NO THERE IS TOO MUCH DIRT.

ID: 1959332

17. Accidentally stretching out your shirt from using it so often to open door handles.

ID: 1959198

18. This is what happens whenever you try to use one of these trash bins.

Good enough.

ID: 1954872

19. Taking out the trash basically requires a hazmat suit.

ID: 1955888

20. AND you need to make sure one hand stays clean or else you won’t be able to open the door to get back inside.

ID: 1959113

21. Scrubbing the floor for hours and still not feeling satisfied.

ID: 1959415

22. When you’re about to leave the house but accidentally touch something gross so you have to turn around and go back.

And you try to convince yourself it wasn’t that bad, and you can make it, but no, no you can’t.

ID: 1958800

23. Needing to find something to protect your hands when you’re out getting groceries.

ID: 1959184

24. Trying to figure out how to ride the subway without touching anything.

God I hope this plunger came straight from the store and not this woman’s bathroom.

ID: 1959068

25. Basically, you do this so often that your skin is drier than the Sahara.

ID: 1955395

26. Oh, and after seeing this headline, you’ll probably need a self-imposed weeklong quarantine.


ID: 1954695

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