21 Designers Who Totally Screwed Up Their One Job

I don’t think that’s how that’s supposed to look.

1. Whoever decided that Donald’s head should be facing inwards.

ID: 3295081

2. Whoever wanted to go to the 3th, 2th, or 1th floors.

ID: 3296242

3. The designer who is just really looking forward to hover cars, maybe.

ID: 3296157

4. Whoever is behind the placement of this model’s head.

Where Magazine / Via adweek.com
ID: 3295604

5. The person who created the toaster that really tests your commitment to the 5-second rule.

ID: 3295105

6. The designer who forgot what a G looks like.

Mankato Free Press / Via cognitivedissonance.tumblr.com
ID: 3295113

7. The designer who forgot the point of having doors on the bathroom stalls.

ID: 3295170

8. The person who designed this store logo and forgot to add in spaces between words.

ID: 3295196

9. Whoever decided that this was the best place to put the hook.

ID: 3295230

10. Whoever forgot the difference between “push” and “pull.”

ID: 3295265

11. The designer who forgot how stairways are supposed to work.

ID: 3295558

12. The designer who clearly hasn’t looked at a compass in a while.

ID: 3295567

13. The designer who forgot about what happens when water meets electricity.

ID: 3296175

14. The designer at Warner Bros. who only had eight DVD covers to make and still managed to screw it up.

ID: 3295644

15. The designer who works in this ndepartment.

ID: 3296230

16. The designer who decided that the woman on this tea box should be squatting.

ID: 3296267

17. Whoever thought that the people using this pencil wouldn’t really want to use the eraser anyway.

ID: 3296293

18. The designer of this handicap ramp.

ID: 3296316

19. Whoever didn’t realize that these praying hands could be misconstrued.

ID: 3296343

20. The designer who forgot that punctuation makes all the difference.

ID: 3296301

21. And whoever thought it was a smart idea for the slide to go through the elephant.

ID: 3295999

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