13 Frustrating Stages Of Writer’s Block That Everyone Can Relate To

We feel you. Whether it was typing a term paper in high school or trying to think of a non-Frozen related post for BuzzFeed, we’ve all experienced this.

1. The Procrastination Period.

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“I can start it later, I’ll be fine.”

2. The “Give It Some Time, It’ll Come To You” Stage.

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When you still had a shred of hope.

3. The Substance Cravings Stage.

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“If I have food, I can think more clearly.”

Eats entire kitchen in one sitting.

4. The Inspiration Stage.

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“I’ve got it!”

Writes furiously for 20 minutes.

5. The Re-Read Stage.

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“Did I really just write this?”

6. The Erasure Stage.

HBO / Via

“This is complete crap.”

7. The Breakdown Stage.

NBC / Via

When you realize you’ve wasted half of your life on this and you can’t even finish it.

8. The Crash Stage.

“I. Give. Up.”

9. The “I Don’t Even Care Anymore” Stage.

NBC / Via

“So not worth it.”

10. The “Yes, I Do.” Stage.

20th Century Fox / Via

“But I don’t want to…”

11. The Final Spark Stage.

“This is it!”

12. The Freedom Stage.

Paramount Pictures / Via

To suffer no longer.

13. The Paranoia Stage.

CBS / Via

A day later…

“Crap, I did that wrong.”

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