10 Actors You Forget Are Drag Queens

To honor the end of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5, let’s look at 10 Hollywood actors that have donned a wig and pumps for the silver screen. Which would you ask to sashay away?


Willem Dafoe - Boondock Saints
He may not be the fishiest lady at the Mac counter, but he does share a name with Drag Race Alum Willam Belli, making him all the more fierce.


Tyler Perry - Madea films
Tyler Perry’s gun toting queen is one not to perturb. Not only will she read you under the rug, but she’ll leave your ass smoking!


Shawn and Marlon Wayans - White Chicks
Probably the prettiest girls on the list, the Wayans brothers give us complete socialite realness in this film.


Eddie Murphy - The Nutty Professor and Norbit
I’m sorry Eddie but I’m going to need see glamour! You’re a one trick pony. I am so sick of comedy queens trying to run things. You should consult with drag sage Roxxy Andrews for tips.


Martin Lawrence - Big Mama’s House movies
Watch out Latrice Royale! Big Mama is large, in charge, and giving BODY BODY BODY for the big girls! And don’t think we forgot about Shenehneh!


Dustin Hoffman - Tootsie
We had to throw in a pageant queen. Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie is pure 80s fish.


Jamie Foxx - In Living Color
Jamie’s character Wanda can be summed up with one of two words. Ratchet, or Akasha.


John Travolta - Hairspray
Although he channeled nothing from the fabulous Divine who originated the role, Mr. Travolta seemed quite at home in sequins. Maybe he should consider a career change.


Robin Williams - Mrs. Doubtfire
Spilling tea is a real possibility with this old dame. Robin, the Queen of England called, and she wants her face back.


John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes, and Patrick Swayze - To Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar
We can thank these fabulous queens for explaining to the masses what makes one a drag queen. Thank you ladies.

To be a drag queen one must know these things…


But most importantly, leave it to the professionals. Who do you want to win Drag Race Season 5?!

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