25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

But, really, what is too much?

1. When the clock strikes 5, you’re like:

It’s wine time, baby.

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2. Red, white, sparkling? You don’t discriminate.

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3. Your only interests are drinking wine and judging people.

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4. Olivia Pope is your spirit animal.

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5. Bottled? Boxed? You’re not picky.

NBC / Via guyspy.com

Hey, everyone needs love.

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6. You bring your own personal bottle to all social gatherings.

CBS / Via wifflegif.com
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7. You have enough corks lying around to make one of these:

(And probably a matching ottoman too.)

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8. You know that wine has magical powers to help you through any situation.

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9. You worry about your neighbors judging your recycling bin.

Flickr: jamescridland / Via Flickr / James Cridland
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10. Using wine as an IV drip sounds perfectly fine to you.

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11. You’d have wine and cheese for every meal, ever, if you could.

It covers all the major food groups.

ID: 2326582

12. You challenge everyone who says you can’t drink at breakfast.

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13. You want to be best friends with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

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14. You know that no good story can be told without a full glass.

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15. You don’t understand how people are able to keep wine cellars.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via the-parent-trap.tumblr.com

Look at all of the wine they could be drinking!

ID: 2326394

16. You think to yourself, Maybe just a half a glass more.

AMC / Via giphy.com
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17. Your quiet nights at home end up looking like this:

ID: 2326683

18. You often wake up with purple-stained lips.

Logo / Via wordpress.com
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19. You and your friends know exactly what your plans entail.

ID: 2326159

20. You don’t understand how people don’t like wine.

Like, hello, it’s wine; it’s delicious.

ID: 2326191

21. You never let a drop go to waste.

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

Because that’s a sin.

ID: 2326626

22. You have conversations with your friends about your questionable habits.

ID: 2326641

23. But it’s OK, because they don’t judge you.

NBC / Via crushable.com
ID: 2326285

24. So grab a glass, and fill ‘er up.

HBO / Via guyism.com
ID: 2326297

25. Because wine is made from grapes, and grapes are fruit, and fruit is good for you.

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