20 Signs You’re Sick Of Winter

What do you mean it’s still February?

1. Have you heard? Unless you live in Florida*, there’s another snowstorm on the way.

*not backed by actual scientific data.

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2. Back in December you were so excited for snow days.

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3. And drinking hot chocolate.

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4. But now you’re tired of the weathermen and their forecasts.

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5. Because anything above 30 degrees is basically a heat wave.

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Forty degrees is shorts weather.

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6. And you’re a tad bitter.

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7. And in denial of any snowfall.

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8. You’ve watched every show on Netflix.

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9. Eaten all of the food in your house.

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10. And played every board game.

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11. You feel uncontrollable rage when someone you know goes on vacation.

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Tell me how awesome your tropical drinks were.

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12. You cannot look at one more Instagram or Snapchat of a snowman.

Hashtag FU Frosty.

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13. Digging out your car has become the ultimate project from hell.

20th Century Fox / Via cdn.smosh.com

Oh, you got plowed in again, good luck.

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14. You’ve become cranky with everyone you’re stuck inside with.

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15. You refuse to go through the process of bundling up to go outdoors.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via tumblr.com

Seamless for days.

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16. You daydream of warm-weather activities.

Warner Bros. / Via astrofix.net
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17. Like swimming.

NBC / Via gifrific.com
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18. And day drinking.

Muse Productions / Via wordpress.com
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19. And going to the beach.

Universal Pictures / Via cdn.uproxx.com
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20. But don’t worry, it’s almost over. There are only a couple* more weeks of winter.

Universal Pictures / Via killerqueenblog.com

*Again, not backed by actual scientific data, just prayers.

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