20 Signs You’re Sick Of Winter

What do you mean it’s still February?

1. Have you heard? Unless you live in Florida*, there’s another snowstorm on the way.

*not backed by actual scientific data.

2. Back in December you were so excited for snow days.

3. And drinking hot chocolate.

4. But now you’re tired of the weathermen and their forecasts.

NBC / Via

5. Because anything above 30 degrees is basically a heat wave.

Disney / Via

Forty degrees is shorts weather.

6. And you’re a tad bitter.

7. And in denial of any snowfall.

Columbia Pictures / Via

8. You’ve watched every show on Netflix.

9. Eaten all of the food in your house.

10. And played every board game.

Comedy Central / Via

11. You feel uncontrollable rage when someone you know goes on vacation.

Universal Pictures / Via

Tell me how awesome your tropical drinks were.

12. You cannot look at one more Instagram or Snapchat of a snowman.

Hashtag FU Frosty.

13. Digging out your car has become the ultimate project from hell.

20th Century Fox / Via

Oh, you got plowed in again, good luck.

14. You’ve become cranky with everyone you’re stuck inside with.

HBO / Via

15. You refuse to go through the process of bundling up to go outdoors.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Seamless for days.

16. You daydream of warm-weather activities.

Warner Bros. / Via

17. Like swimming.

NBC / Via

18. And day drinking.

Muse Productions / Via

19. And going to the beach.

Universal Pictures / Via

20. But don’t worry, it’s almost over. There are only a couple* more weeks of winter.

Universal Pictures / Via

*Again, not backed by actual scientific data, just prayers.

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