21 Things You Never Want Your Sibling To Discover

They really will stop at nothing to torment you.

1. Your diary is under your bed

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If you’re stupid enough to write down all your secrets in a book, anyway.

2. The existence of the fridge

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3. The food that belongs to you in the fridge

Via nobodygoeshere.com

4. Your tickle weakness is under your arms

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5. One embarrassing time you tore your trousers in town

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6. They can use your collection of coloured pens

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They are so going to lose the lids.

7. Your parents got mad at you the other night

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(Could be used as ammunition)

8. You got so drunk you were throwing up on the street all night

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(Could also be used as ammunition)

9. Blackmail is possible

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(Using the ammunition)

10. The photos of your embarrassing childhood

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11. You would do anything for money

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Including tidying their room for them.

12. The names of anyone you fancy

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ANYONE. Including celebrities.

13. Your embarrassing childhood nickname

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Pukey? No, thanks.

14. Flirting

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15. Your secret sweet stash

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16. You don’t know who plays for England, or understand the offside rule

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And actually, that you couldn’t care less either.

17. The location of your make-up

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18. Ditto for your clothes

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19. The pet name you have for your boyfriend/girlfriend

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20. You keep all your books in alphabetical order

Via quickmeme.com

21. Yes, they really are related to you

Via meme-comics.com

And they can’t get rid of you, either…

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