There’s A Restaurant In Korea Dedicated To Glorifying The Human Penis

All Aboard the Cock-a-Doodle Express to Deulmusae. NSFW. NSFW.

1. Yes, this is a real place. The restaurant is called Deulmusae, and this is what it looks like:

ID: 3640414

2. The Highway to Helmet Heaven

ID: 3639856

3. An Ode to the Chode

This Mighty Member stands stiff at the entrance.

ID: 3639858

4. Watch Your Step for Hidden Gems

ID: 3639866

5. World of Weiners

At the entrance of the restaurant is a map made entirely of man meat.

ID: 3639914

6. For Drinks, How About Dong-Dong-Ju?

No really, Dong Dong Ju is a real thing. It’s a rice wine and really delicious. Absolutely hilarious and served in these awesome bowls.

ID: 3639926

7. Puss Platters

I mean, just look at that plate. There’s a vagina on it.

ID: 3639929

8. Family Friendly

ID: 3639955

9. Teak Tallywackers

ID: 3639956

10. Good ol’ Johnson Jars

ID: 3639959

11. Entrance to the Bathroom

ID: 3639962

12. Men’s Bathroom

ID: 3639965

13. Comes with a Dildo Vending Machine

8 Varieties to choose from. Prices range from $10-$30.

ID: 3639969

14. Love Shaft Lighting

ID: 3639974

15. A Nice Love Muscle Night Light

Perfect for reading books late at night.

ID: 3639980

16. The Money Shot!

ID: 3640397

17. It Has it’s Own Studio

The Domepiece Dungeon

ID: 3640399

20. Some Awesome Souvenirs

ID: 3640404

21. One More Time

Impressive, right?

ID: 3640407

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