17 Reasons Lilly Moscovitz From "The Princess Diaries" Should Be Your BFF


2. She has her own cable TV show.


3. She cares about the environment.


4. She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions.

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5. She dresses up a drab uniform with fun, early ’00s accessories.

Butterfly hair clips and beaver backpack for the win!

6. She’s honest about her flaws.

Disney / Via

7. She feels comfortable using legal jargon in her everyday life.


8. She hates strenous exercise.

Disney / Via

9. She gives a good pep talk.


10. She’s all about the casual wear.

Disney / Via

11. She is against the objectification of women.

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12. She values the friends she already has, so she won’t ditch you for any wannabes.

13. She’s great with a megaphone.

DIsney / Via

14. She’s trendy.

Show me one person who didn’t love a good razor scooter in 2001 and I’ll show you a liar.

15. She can shut it down.

16. She’s not going to put your friendship on the line because of your peasant lies.

Disney / Via

17. She will always be there for you, rooting you on!

Disney / Via

BFFL <333

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