17 Reasons Lilly Moscovitz From "The Princess Diaries" Should Be Your BFF


1. She’s sassy.

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2. She has her own cable TV show.

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3. She cares about the environment.

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4. She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions.

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5. She dresses up a drab uniform with fun, early ’00s accessories.

Butterfly hair clips and beaver backpack for the win!

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6. She’s honest about her flaws.

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7. She feels comfortable using legal jargon in her everyday life.

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8. She hates strenous exercise.

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9. She gives a good pep talk.

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10. She’s all about the casual wear.

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11. She is against the objectification of women.

Disney / Via poisonparadise.com
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12. She values the friends she already has, so she won’t ditch you for any wannabes.

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13. She’s great with a megaphone.

DIsney / Via imgflip.com
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14. She’s trendy.

Show me one person who didn’t love a good razor scooter in 2001 and I’ll show you a liar.

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15. She can shut it down.

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16. She’s not going to put your friendship on the line because of your peasant lies.

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17. She will always be there for you, rooting you on!

Disney / Via imgflip.com

BFFL <333

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