The 15 Worst Places To Poop

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

15. Dorm Bathroom

YouTube/The Most Popular Girls in School / Via

“Great. I’m already awkward and everyone is using the bathroom right now. Can’t wait to be judged for the effects of eating my feelings through four rounds of fro-yo.”

ID: 2618004

14. Doctor’s Office

Sesame Street / Via

“While you’re in there, do you mind giving us a stool sample?”

ID: 2618019

13. Work Bathroom

TLC/Here Comes Honey Boo Boo / Via

“Who is going to leave the stall first? Me or the coworker who just coughed his way through every fart noise?”

ID: 2618014

12. Grocery Store

“Where the hell am I supposed to put my cart full of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, fried chicken and brie that caused this in the first place?”

ID: 2618015

11. School

NBC/Parks and Recreation / Via

“With these small budgets, the toilet paper has been replaced with the papier-mâché from art class.”

ID: 2618179

10. Train

Sony Pictures/Spider-Man / Via

“Acela Express Train? More like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad when I’m sitting here and holding on to these shaking walls.”

ID: 2618060

9. The Woods

Universal Studios/Jurassic Park / Via

“Am I really going to have find a tree star from The Land Before Time to wipe my ass?”

ID: 2618057

8. Rest Stop

“Do not move your foot one inch to the right. You don’t really know what that is and you probably don’t want to know.”

ID: 2618090

7. Workout Class

MTV/ Jersey Shore / Via

“Pardon me as I casually excuse myself and pray that you think I’m not weak and/or suffering from diarrhea.”

ID: 2632349

6. Car

NBC/Dateline / Via

“So will the IHOP or Cracker Barrel have a nicer bathroom?”

ID: 2618158

5. Boat

“This is the only time a Carnival cruise sounds like an appealing alternative. Sharks are only attracted to blood, right?”

ID: 2618152

4. Outdoor Concert

“I can’t believe I’m shitting directly onto a pile of other peoples’ shit.”

ID: 2618072

3. Dive Bar/Frat Party

Disney/Cinderella / Via

“My cheeks are not touching this seat. At least Oasis will drown out any noises I’ll make.”

ID: 2618084

2. Significant Other’s Apartment

Disney/The Little Mermaid / Via

“If I stay in here too long, he/she is going to know exactly what I’m doing. What can I use to mask this smell? Please don’t plop, please don’t plop, please don’t plop.”

ID: 2618097

1. Plane

Paramount Pictures/Airplane! / Via

“How many people are waiting to use the bathroom? Do they know what I’m doing? What if there is turbulence? What if I have to get up from my window seat and go back again? This is the worst day of my life.”

ID: 2618065

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