12 Celebrities Who Have The Most Slappable Faces

Slappable WILL be the word of the year. This is only a bit of fun, I am not promoting violence - just some celebs really need some sense hit into them. FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

1. In no particular order…

2. 1. Justin Bieber

Obvious first choice, I know, but come on - everyone agrees, right?

3. 2. Piers Morgan

do i need to explain?

4. 3. Kanye West

he makes good music - but does he really need to talk??

5. 4. Russell Brand

you should Russell - just go away

6. 5. Ricky Gervais

this is not a laughing matter Mr. Gervais - you are extremely irritating

7. 6. Chris Brown

you’re not cool anymore

8. 7. Simon Cowell


9. 8. Miley Cyrus


10. 9. Kim Kardashian

dear lord, just…just lord

11. 10. Luis Suarez

12. 11. Lady Gaga


13. 12. And finally, Shia Labeouf

does he think he’s clever of something??


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