19 DIYs For The Artist In You

This is a compilation of projects to bring out your inner artist. Easy, inexpensive, and absolutely crafty!

2. 1. Sketchbook

ID: 1609522

Sketchbooks can be really expensive. This is an easy tutorial on how to make one out of a cereal box.
Directions Here!

ID: 1609527

5. 2. Pencil Roll

ID: 1609551

A cute pencil roll that is no-sew and inexpensive? Count me in!
Directions Here!

ID: 1609556

8. 3. DIY Watercolor Paints

ID: 1609560

Super easy watercolors that you can make with materials you probably have around the house!
Directions Here!

ID: 1609563

11. 4. Tye-Dye Paper

ID: 1609568

Shaving cream + food coloring = awesome marbleized paper!
Directions Here!

ID: 1609573

14. 5. Colorful Floor Mat

ID: 1637008

This project is a bit more difficult than the other ones because it uses power tools. Besides that, it looks great and is absolutely colorful and adorable!
Directions Here!

ID: 1637020

17. 6. Necklace Holder

ID: 1609589

A very artsy wall hanging for holding necklaces.
Directions Here!

ID: 1609595

20. 7. Paintbrush Wall Hooks

ID: 1609598

Step 1: Get paint on the brush, let dry.
Step 2: After dry, use water to form into hook shape. Let dry.
Step 3: Mount onto wall.

ID: 1609611

23. 8. DIY Chalkboard Paint

ID: 1627777

Now you have a way to use up your old sidewalk chalk!
Directions Here!

ID: 1627796

26. 9. Make Your Own Clay

ID: 1627922

Ceramics is a awesome medium for beautiful works of art! These instructions show how to make baking clay.
Directions Here!

ID: 1627954

29. 10. DIY Button Art

ID: 1627990

A very easy wall art tutorial!
Directions Here!

ID: 1627998

32. 11. Colored Pencil Necklace

ID: 1636914

A cute way to show off your love of art!
Directions Here!

ID: 1636920

35. 12. Flower Garland

ID: 1637149

This is a gorgeous paper flower backdrop that is also very easy!
Directions Here!

ID: 1637158

38. 13. Art Case

ID: 1637299

Another cute idea to hold your art supplies for on-the-go drawing!
Directions Here!

ID: 1637316

42. 14. Crayon Art

ID: 1637434

A different take on the classic blow dryer and whole crayon wall hanging.
Directions Here!

ID: 1637442

46. 15. Needle Point Manicure

ID: 1645395

An adorable manicure idea!
Full Directions Here!

ID: 1645403

49. 16. DIY Painted Scarf

ID: 1645419

A really neat way to put a cool new spin on the classic white scarf!
Directions Here!

ID: 1645432

52. 17. Paint Splattered Socks

ID: 1645473

Paint is one one the most fun mediums to use and to splatter!
Directions Here!

ID: 1645483

55. 18. Decorated Pencils

ID: 1645486

A pretty way to add some flair to your ordinary pencils! Super easy and cheap, too!
Directions Here!

ID: 1645492

58. 19. Painted Mug

ID: 1645496

A great reason to go out and buy some white mugs!
Directions Here!

ID: 1645501

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