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The 10 Most Scandalous Characters On This Season Of "Scandal"

There were so many plot twists this season that took our breath away. Here are a few of the people responsible for making some of the best TV out there. And to make sure you don’t get caught off guard by your allergies this spring, handle them with ZYRTEC®.

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1. Sally Langston

Sally Langston has had a very troubling third season. After her gay husband slept with a White House reporter and threatened to divorce her, she stabbed him in her office and told everyone he died of a heart attack. So not only is she scandalous, but she's also just kind of a train wreck in general.

2. Andrew Nichols

Having a romantic relationship with the First Lady is obviously frowned upon, but Andrew Nichols didn't care. He was ready to proudly proclaim his love for the president's wife — and he would have if Olivia hadn't threatened to destroy his reputation. But if Scandal has taught us anything, it's that giving up on love is unacceptable. So it's hard to believe Governor Nichols is completely out of the picture just yet.

3. Quinn Perkins

Quinn Perkins started out as the most innocent staffer at Pope & Associates, but she's changed a lot over the past three seasons. Now she's using power tools and threatening to shoot her best friends with the gun she now keeps in her purse. She also exerts her dominance by licking people's cheeks.

4. Adnan Salif

We dreaded Adnan Salif's arrival this season, because she was the one Harrison went to jail for insider trading to protect. But now we're skeptical, because she seems to be making a very good life for herself by conspiring to kill someone with Maya Lewis, and continuing to play tonsil hockey with one of the good guys.

5. Charlie

We don't even know Charlie's last name, but he's still one of the creepiest characters on Scandal. Obviously his position at B613 makes him terrifying, but the way he's latched onto Quinn suggests to us that his most ghastly traits are still hiding in the shadows.

6. Cyrus Beene

Cyrus Beene has done a lot to capture our attention, but we could hardly take our eyes off him this season. From encouraging his husband to sleep with the vice president's husband, to adopting a baby so his husband would stop looking into Defiance — there's nothing Cyrus won't do and nowhere he won't go.

7. Mellie Grant

Mellie Grant made a career of making sure Fitz's career was OK. But this season, she was fuming. It's understandable that Fitz's devotion to Olivia has taken a toll on the First Lady, but that's why this moment where she slaps Fitz is so great. How dare he make Andrew Nichols break up with her when he refuses to break up with Olivia? How dare he.

8. Maya Lewis

Mama Pope's motives and plans are still unknown, but she's definitely up to no good. Her power suits are on point, her phone is filled with Russian contacts, she gets bombs delivered to her hotel room, and she doesn't seem apologetic for missing out on most of Olivia's life. She's got some demons, this one.

9. James Novak

James Novak might not seem that scandalous at first, but let's think about it. He slept with the vice president's husband, planted a listening device in his husband's office so he could release classified information to a reporter, and lied under oath when there was a hearing to determine whether Fitz's presidential election was rigged. I mean, if the shoe fits...

10. Jake Ballard

Jake Ballard is probably the most scandalous character on the show. It's hard to comprehend how the man who once had a white hat of his own went on to become someone who put cameras in Olivia's apartment, killed three people in the streets of D.C., and made enemies with both his predecessor and the president. And yet, we somehow still like him? Maybe?

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