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3 Medical Conditions You Might BELIEVE Trump Is Actually Suffering From

An unqualified look at the unqualified president elect by someone who knows how to use WebMD

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Trump and his ideologies are an undeniable ailment afflicting the United States, but what ailments are afflicting our President Elect? I’m not qualified to make a medical diagnosis, but a lack of qualification has never mattered where Trump’s concerned, so why not try?

Doing some independent research on some of the behaviors that Trump has exhibited we’ve unearthed a goldmine of possibilities.

After studying some of Trump's more memorable moments we identified the following 6 symptoms: inappropriate behavior, impaired judgement, memory problems, paranoid behavior, repeats phrases, and personality changes.

Here's just some of what we found.

Brain Tumor

We’ve all heard stories of people dramatically changing due to a brain tumor, and think about the changes we’ve seen in “The Donald” through just the duration of his campaign. The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) lists symptoms like memory loss, impaired verbal fluency, decreased reasoning ability, and mood swings.

Think about it, maybe his denial of past statements that are public record aren’t an intentional lie and he just can’t recall making them, these might not be the malicious actions they’ve been labelled but instead a confused, and potentially unwell, old man trying to make sense of something he can’t comprehend.

Listening to Trump speak shows us the reality behind this, his repetition and misuse of phrases such as “bigly” and “braggadocios” are clear signs of a strained relationship with his own words. His changes of temperament mid-speech like the time he declared that he “loves babies” shortly before demanding the baby in question was removed from the audience. 

And decreased reasoning ability? Just look at those policies.

Cocaine Use

@reimamy I'm an expert & ABSOLUTELY

Like any reasonable person, I'd trust Carrie Fisher with my life, so trusting her on this is the obvious way to go.

Unfortunately she tragically drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra, before she could give more insight into this.

Besides these infamous sniffles, cocaine use can cause feelings of supremacy, an increased level of energy, and paranoia and any single clip of him is a prime example of all of these.

Trump of course has denied any alcohol or drug use in his life but he also recently denied making fun of Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Serge Kovalevski for his disability, so a denial from Donald is much like an election promise, probably worthless.

He's Old

Donald Trump is 70 years old and that's 5 years more than the average life-expectancy of the 1950's era which he wants to drag the USA back into.

Trump never does anything with grace, so why should aging be different? With the stress put on him from his "yuge" presidential campaign it's sure to take a toll on someone of his seniority.

Memory is one of the first things to go as we age. Journalists such as GQ's Keith Olbermann have already brought into question the state of Trump's health and capacity to govern effectively. Obama may have gone grey while in office, but Donald Trump may very well go senile.

You'd like to think the President would be able to look after the country and himself but we may have to face facts:

he may not have the stamina.

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