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How Much Do You Win At Life?

You're living the life - but how much are you loving it? Find out how much you're seizing the day, courtesy of Zopa - the people who help everyone win with peer-to-peer loans.

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    You always say 'Please' and 'Thanks'
    You hold doors open for others
    You don't start eating until everyone has their food
    You never, ever burp in public
    You've donated to charity recently
    You’ve given an older person your seat on the train
    You’ve helped someone with a pram on public transport
    You’ve helped someone who fell on the street
    You’ve given money to a homeless person
    You’ve given food to a homeless person
    You've donated blood
    You've donated platelets
    You've given somebody an organ
    You've found money on the street
    You've won a raffle
    You've won money on a scratch card
    You've won money in the lottery
    You've paid off a credit card bill in full
    You've successfully saved up for something
    You've paid off your student loan (or most of it)
    You actually know what your credit score is
    You have a budget and you stick to it
    (Though you do occasionally splurge)
    You've lent someone money - and they paid you back
    You can click your fingers
    You can passably impersonate someone famous
    You can whistle
    You can do The Moonwalk
    You know at least one magic trick
    You can ride a bike
    You can ride a skateboard
    You can drive a car
    You've been on a horse
    You've been on a jet ski
    You've been in a helicopter
    You've laughed so much you cried
    You know how to pet a dog properly
    You eat your five a day
    You've read a book this year
    You take your vitamin pills
    You've had a great night's sleep this week
    You've had sex recently
    You're in love
    You're happily single
    You had an awesome dinner last night
    You love plants
    You love animals
    You love kids
    You love people
    You just love life in general, okay?!

How Much Do You Win At Life?

You've seen a thing or two, but it can't hurt you to live a little more. Adventure's where you find it - and today is the day to seize it!

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You embrace life and live each day as though it's your last. We're seriously jealous of how cool you sound.

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