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10 Reasons "Zoolander No. 2" Will Be So Hot RN

Earth to everyone — THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING. Don't miss Zoolander No. 2 now playing in theaters.

1. Derek Zoolander is back, and we couldn't be more excited.

2. (You know, THIS Zoolander.)

3. He's joined by all our favorites, like Mugatu....

...who's at least three times bigger:

4. Owen Wilson as Hansel still has all the moves:

5. The staggering gorgeousness of Penélope Cruz is borderline hard to look at:

6. Although you'll barely recognize her, Kristen Wiig and her insane costumes are *glorious*:

7. There's selfie inspo for dayyyz:

8. Zoolander and Hansel's friendship will continue to give us BFF goals:

9. And the celeb appearances are straight-up unbeliebable:

10. Now just tell us there'll be a walk-off rematch, and we can pretty much die happily.

All images courtesy of Paramount.

What's left to ponder? Go check out Zoolander No. 2 now playing in theaters.

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