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10 Reasons "Zoolander No. 2" Will Be So Hot RN

Earth to everyone — THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING. Don't miss Zoolander No. 2 now playing in theaters.

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1. Derek Zoolander is back, and we couldn't be more excited.

We're pretty much having a full-on whack attack TBH.

2. (You know, THIS Zoolander.)

Such range. Magnificent.

3. He's joined by all our favorites, like Mugatu....

...who's at least three times bigger:

Will Ferrell, you are a god.

4. Owen Wilson as Hansel still has all the moves:

5. The staggering gorgeousness of Penélope Cruz is borderline hard to look at:

Professionally good-looking, obvs.

6. Although you'll barely recognize her, Kristen Wiig and her insane costumes are *glorious*:

7. There's selfie inspo for dayyyz:

Blue Steel > Duckface.

8. Zoolander and Hansel's friendship will continue to give us BFF goals:

9. And the celeb appearances are straight-up unbeliebable:

10. Now just tell us there'll be a walk-off rematch, and we can pretty much die happily.

Here. For. It.

All images courtesy of Paramount.

What's left to ponder? Go check out Zoolander No. 2 now playing in theaters.

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