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    This Is The Official Ranking Of Andy's Outfits From "The Devil Wears Prada," And You Can't Change My Mind

    You bet we're talking about the cerulean sweater.

    7. The cerulean sweater.

    20th Century Fox

    Okay, let's be honest — this outfit just wasn't it. However, we will give partial credit to the outfit because at least cerulean is a fancy name for a color.

    6. The polka problem.

    20th Century Fox

    I mean, it's way better than the previous sweater and long skirt combo, but it also looks like she just wrapped herself up in some brown wrapping paper. Plus the belt she's wearing around her waist makes the shirt's strange fabric all wrinkled! Not here for it, tbh.

    5. Finally, some Chanel!

    20th Century Fox

    After being disgusted by her first outfits (and honestly, reasonably so), Andy is given a makeover by art director Nigel Kipling (Stanley Tucci) courtesy of the Runway closet.

    While that Chanel necklace is stunning, Andy wears infinitely better outfits throughout the rest of the film, so this look falls in the middle of the list.

    4. This business chic ensemble!

    20th Century Fox

    From the layered gold necklaces to the "I-don't-even-know-how-high" boots, Andy nailed this look! Most importantly, she looked confident in it too — who didn't love when she came strutting into the Runway office? The outfit's only downfall is the green bag she used with it. No thanks.

    3. Bold colors and prints!

    20th Century Fox

    Andy looked very stylish in this knee-length green coat with cheetah print accents around the wrists and collar. She looked instantly elegant, especially with the gloves and large sunglasses. I love it!

    2. Gold accents!

    20th Century Fox

    An all black ensemble with gold jewelry? Yes! Just... Yes. This elevated outfit is everything and my mind can not be swayed.

    1. The black dress.

    20th Century Fox

    The final and most impressive outfit: the black dress. I know this might be a controversial pick — and maybe not even considered the best usually — but Andy looks gorgeous in this dress. It's simple, effortless, and elegant — it's just perfect!