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10 Things You'll Learn As A Student

First lesson: Procrastination.

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1. Some housemates become lifelong friends, while others you'll be glad to see the back of.

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When the housing gods have shined down on you, you know. These built-in besties will be there for you through all your unsightly hangovers and awkward first dates. However, some flatmates are just weirdos. Pure and simple.

2. Learning to cook is actually really fun.

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Not only will cooking from scratch save you money, it's more fun than it looks. Of course, there will be a couple of mishaps and emergency take-away dials along the way, but it's so satisfying to tuck into a meal you made yourself!

3. Balancing the books is hard!

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Okay, this one is pretty obvious, but it doesn't really hit home until a few weeks in. When past you has spent all your money on wine and present you has to live off Tesco 9p noodles, then you'll start thinking about budgeting.

5. Never turn down free food.

Companies are always offering students free food and you'll quickly learn how to take full advantage of it. It will keep you going until your parents come to restock the shelves...I meant visit.

8. House parties are so much better than clubbing (even if you're left with the clean up).

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At house parties you can meet new people and actually hear them well enough to hold a cohesive conversation. That is until you all get completely rat-arsed...

9. Accidents happen.


Whether you dropped your phone down the toilet while drunk or your accommodation experienced a break-in, University life isn't without its little hiccups. Just tell yourself it's character building.

10. ...and it's okay to miss home.

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Sometimes you're going to feel overwhelmed and homesick but just remember everybody else is feeling exactly the same way too (no matter how hard they try to hide it).

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