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15 Reasons You Should Find Yourself A Workout BFF

Like two extremely active, sweaty, determined peas in a pod, you two were made for each other. Along with your partner in crime at the gym, Ziploc® brand is there to help you reach your goals for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

1. They'll do the ridiculous-looking moves with you so you don't look absolutely insane at the gym.

2. They make SURE you get up for your early-morning workout together.

3. They turn your boring stretch session into beautiful bonding time.

4. You can collaborate on the ultimate workout playlist that's on POINT with your musical tastes.

5. They're always on hand to demonstrate how to do some moves with "proper form."

6. The good ones are always patient.

7. If you want to try a new workout, they're right there to test it out with you. Some are awesome…

8. …while others, yeah, no.

9. You never have to worry about finding a spot partner EVER AGAIN!

10. Any time you're ready to throw in the towel...

11. ...there they are, cheering you on to keep going.

12. You get to watch other gym rats be TOTALLY jealous of your blossoming gym friendship.

13. They help you discover other moves that you NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!

14. When you find a good one, it's a friendship that'll last a lifetime.

15. And best of all, you get to spend quality time with your BFF.

For more fitness tips that you and your gym buddy can use, head over to Ziploc® Fresh 180°™ and get one step closer toward a healthier you!