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Paid PostPosted on Mar 10, 2014

12 Creative Tips For Sticking With Your Diet

YOU CAN DO IT! For more tips about living the healthy lifestyle you're destined for, head over to Ziploc® Fresh 180°™ to get started!

1. Print and hang an inspirational quote to get you going in the morning.


Getting up and actually working out might be the hardest thing you'll ever have to do… especially if your bed is super comfortable. Set up a great inspirational quote so it's the first thing you see to get your day started on the right track!

2. Take cash out before you go grocery shopping.


Read carefully: DO NOT bring your credit card to the store. Taking cash out before you go shopping gives you a hard budget, letting you buy only what you need and helping you resist the urge to splurge on junk food.

3. Let your fork be your cheerleader!


Seriously, who would've ever thought their utensil would be the smartest thing at the table? HAPIfork is an amazing invention that tracks your eating habits. From your eating pace to intervals between meals, it keeps track of how you're eating and gives you personalized tips on how you can improve your habits.

4. Use your selfies to help you out.


It's not what you can do for your selfie, it's what your selfie can do for YOU! Take pictures of yourself every week so you can see the progress you're making and let the results keep you motivated!

5. Reward yourself with a dollar in your workout "tip" jar.

sburpee / BuzzFeed

Every time you work out, put $1 in the jar. After a while, take your hard-earned cash and spend it on something fun to reward yourself for a job well done!

6. Download an app that is your (water) drinking buddy!


Waterlogged is a fantastic app that tracks and makes sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Set alarms to remind yourself, track how much water you've consumed, and even connect to your FitBit to get you closer to your fitness goals!

7. Act like a kid again and cut up your food


Seems a little silly, but it could have some huge benefits. Cutting your food into smaller portions actually helps with portion control and helps you to eat your food slower. So start cutting!

8. Get buried in an audiobook and let the story keep you going!

Chapter One: You being awesome. Audiobooks are great to keep your mind off your workout, and if you stop at an amazing part of the book, you'll be that much more excited to get back to it.

9. Use social media to keep you motivated.

Shutterstock / RVWithTito / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: rvwithtito

If you put some of your fitness goals on social media for all your friends to see, it'll motivate you to keep those goals. There are even some apps that will let your friends cheer you on while you work out!

10. Let white vinegar be your heathy best friend.[term]=berries&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=17

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And no, we're not talking about using it as a salad dressing. White vinegar can be used to help keep produce, like berries and potatoes, fresher for longer. This way, you'll always have fresh produce on hand and save money!

11. Let your sleeping baby be your motivation.


Baby's asleep = you're wide awake. When your child is taking their daily nap, make that time your opportunity to get in a fitness routine without missing a beat!

12. Amp up your playlists by collaborating with your friends.


Have you run your workout playlist to the ground? Set up a shared playlist with your friends to keep it fresh! Have everyone keep adding to the list to help motivate each other while finding some new tunes to sweat to!

And Tweet What You Eat!!


Take the week long challenge and show your friends all the great healthy things you're eating while holding yourself accountable. For more heathy ideas, head over to Ziploc® Fresh 180°™.