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11 Creative Tips For An Organized Closet

Yes, it's a small space, but don't be afraid to make the most of it! For more great and easy organization tips, head on over to Ziploc® Fresh 180°™!

1. If you have an open closet, make it pretty by organizing your clothes by color.

2. But if you have closet doors, utilize them to their full potential.

3. Use the hanger trick to figure out which clothes you should donate.

4. Take advantage of your tall closet by putting in an inexpensive bookshelf.

5. Get your heels out of the way by installing inexpensive crown molding!

6. Store your jewelry on hangers with your clothes.

Talk about two birds with one stone! Pair your jewelry and clothes beforehand by hanging everything together. That way, you can just pull them out of your closet, and your entire look is ready to go!

7. Use tabs from soda cans to double your storage space!

8. Create an inexpensive scarf organizer with shower curtain rings!

9. Use DOTW hanging labels to sort out your kids' clothes for the week.

10. Install towel racks to hang smaller items.

11. Use removable chalkboard labels to keep everything organized.

Want more amazing tips for that closet of yours? Head over to Ziploc® Fresh 180°™ for more ideas to stay organized once and for all!