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12 Quirky Places To Visit On A Roadtrip

Tired of doing the same old things in your city? There's so much out there to explore on the open road. With Zipcar, you can discover all kinds of fun and quirky places that are just a short drive from your home. So what are you waiting for? There's a whole lot out there to see.

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1. Leaning Tower Of Niles- Niles, Illinois

Raniero Tazzi / Via

Dying to go to Italy but don't have the time or money? You're in luck if you live close to Chicago. Just northeast of O'Hare International Airport, in the Village of Niles you can find a half size replica of the famous Italian landmark. Built in 1934 to celebrate the 600th birthday of the real tower, Niles is now the sister city of Pisa.

2. The Museum of Bad Art- Somerville, Massachusetts

ferrylodge / Via

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Every piece of hard work needs a home, luckily your art school reject paintings can seek refuge here. In just a quick 15 minute drive from the heart of Boston, you can make a day with some of the ugliest pieces of art work.

Check out the website here.

3. Hats 'N' Boots- Seattle, Washington

neil206 / Via Instagram: @neil206

Like the name suggests, Hats 'N' Boots was once the largest cowboy boot and hat store in America. After many renovations, the large hat and boots were moved to Oxbow Park. Now visitors can enjoy a nice day at the park next to the giant Western wear sculptures.

4. Winchester Mystery House- San Jose, California

Roxanna Salceda / Via

The Winchester Mystery House was once home to Sarah Winchester the widow of gun legend William Wirt Winchester. Just an hour drive from San Francisco, you can make a day exploring hidden bookshelves, trap doors, and staircases that lead to nowhere.

Check out the website here.

5. Spoonbridge and Cherry Sculpture- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wac-pr / Via

The Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture is located inside the beautiful Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Inside the garden are over 40 permanent sculptures along with a rotation of temporary ones. Standing at the center is the delightful spoon and cherry. In the summer it's a water sculpture and in the winter it takes on a different look. In the snow, it gives the illusion of a big spoon surrounded by ice cream.

6. Atlanta White House- Atlanta, Georgia

Bkc2006 / Via

Want to visit 1600 Penn, but don't live close to Washington DC? Well you might just be in luck if you live in Atlanta. Take the day to visit the White House Replica. There's an Oval Office, a movie theater and, a replica of Lincoln's bedroom. The good news, it's also for sale. If you have $10 Million laying around, you're in luck.

7. Cathedral of Junk- Austin, Texas

alamosbasement / Via Flickr: alamosbasement

Think you have a lot of junk? Take a day trip to visit a man who just might trump you. Vince Hannemann who has been dubbed a "yardist" started building a cathedral of junk in his backyard in 1998. He now has over 60 tons of junk. Spend the day exploring everything from gum sculptures to old metal parts.

Check out the website here.

8. Mr. Rogers Statue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Britt Reints / Via Flickr: emmandevin

It's always a "lovely day in the neighborhood" here at the Mr. Rogers statue. Spend some quality time with the 11 foot and 7,000 pound version of the friendliest guy on television. Make sure to wear your best Mr. Rogers sweater for a great photo opportunity.

9. Monkey Jungle- Miami, Florida

Smothert1 / Via

In the suburbs of Miami in Cutler Bay, live a whole bunch of monkeys. 400 primates of 30 species to be exact. Monkey Jungle is a 30-acre wildlife park where monkeys can run loose. You can get up close and personal with these furry friends. Just dodge any flying poop.

Check out their website here.

10. Wigwam Motel- San Bernardino, California

Marcin Wichary / Via

If you're looking for a getaway for the night, The Wigwam Motel is an hour drive from Los Angeles. The Wigwam Motel is located right on Route 66 and was built in 1947. Open 24/7 weary travelers driving down the historical route can spend a cozy night sleeping inside a tipi.

check out their website here.

11. 5 Pointz- Queens, New York

Harlan Harris / Via Flickr: harlanh

5 Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burnin, is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City. In just a quick drive from Manhattan, you can experience the colorful street art and check out cool exhibits and events.

Check out the website here.

12. Hockey Hall Of Fame- Toronto, Canada

Nhl4hamilton / Via

Are you crazy about hockey? Find your puck bliss at the Hockey Hall Of Fame. With over 15 exhibits, visitors can view trophies, memorabilia, and equipment from teams over the years. There are also interactive experiences where you can put your hockey skills and knowledge to the test.

Check out the website here.