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In Russia A Boy Was Photoshopped For Being Asian

On Friday, September 22, a photoshopped photo first appeared on one of the Russian Social media platforms showing a brochure of five Saint-Petersburg Humanitarian University's students holding their student ID cards.

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After a short while, a new picture appeared showing the original photo of these students, where one of the Asian boys' (first from the left) face was photoshopped to the face of a Russian boy.

One of the Russian universities in Saint Petersburg was making their promotional brochures when they decided to change Asian boy's face with Russian.

These pictures became a hot topic for discussions among Russian youth.

Many people reacted on these photos saying:

"He has a good sense of humore!"

"A pretty face was swapped with a creepy face"

However, the star of a meme, Ruslan Varyony reacted to this news with a good sense of humor and changed his profile picture to an illustation of himslef ripping off his face for being Asian. / Via Ruslan Varyony

Comments say,


"It is great to be able to make fun of yourself"

What do you think of this photoshopped picture? Let me know in the comments below!

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