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6 Reasons Why Your Instagram Game Sucks

Many of us put a decent amount of effort into our Instagram posts in order to reach as many "likes" as we can. Yet, sometimes our expected 100 like post will produce a mere 11 likes. Here's 6 reasons your Instagram game sucks and what you can do to change it.

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1. You think you’re artistic AF


Yes. Maybe in your eyes that burrito sitting on a white plate is pure art. You're proud. But others see it as a sad taco and not much more. Try to imagine scrolling through your feed and think about what you see as impressive. I doubt its going to be a burrito on a plate. So stop.

2. Your aesthetic is more sporadic than Amanda Bynes on a good day


One post is a giant burrito and the next is a sandy white beach. If you want to gain followers, nobody is going to be impressed by you're super weird burrito beach life. Try sticking to a theme. Maybe start a food Instagram account with more visually appealing burrito pics. I know its tempting to post every moment of your life, but hey, we have Facebook for that.

4. You don’t understand that less is more


Those 4 filters you just put on your photo don't make it look better. And if you feel the need to use 4 filters to make it look decent, then it will never be. Resist the urge to post your high contrast pixilated "art" and stick to photos that look impressive with minimal editing. A clean, minimal look is what many people are attracted to.

5. You’re pretty vanilla


Bleh. As cute as your cat is, you're amongst the 1,000,000,000 people who think there cat is the cutest shit on this earth. Try posting things that people may have never seen and again, try to keep it within your theme.

6. Your caption is dull as dishwater


Blah, blah, blah. Captions can increase your likes dramatically. Sure, initially the image is going to be what catches someones eye. Yet, a crappy caption can equal reduced likes. Try to be relatable and light. Chances are your photo with the caption "Walked the dog" isn't going to fly...

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