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12 Things You Never Thought You'd Give Up

After a while, there are some things you just need to upgrade. How many of these did you give up?

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3. Video games for real life.

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Video games are awesome. They're amazing. But at some point, you realized you had to put down the controller and go outside and experience LIFE!

(And then go back inside and play some video games — just...a little less.)

6. Meat for meatless Mondays.


Sometimes in life, you have to make sacrifices. Delicious, delicious sacrifices.

But then you realize that those sacrifices are good for you, and not so bad after all.

8. Your old T-shirts for an adult wardrobe.

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Upgrading your wardrobe can be tough. Nothing fits the way your old favorites do. But then something magical happens: You fall in love with your new clothes!

11. A wad of cash for a bank account.

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Having all that cash in a shoe box under your bed made you feel rich. Getting a bank account felt like a hassle, and one big hurdle between you and your hard-earned money. But in the end, you needed to do it.

12. Sodas with artificial flavors and colors for soda that's naturally sweetened.


You never thought you'd give up your old favorites, loaded with artificial sweeteners and caramel color, because you never knew you had a choice.

Behold, soda drinkers! Zevia is the zero calorie soda that is naturally sweetened, clear in color, and is Non-GMO Project Verified. So relax. You can still enjoy a sweet bubbly soda without the guilt.