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    19 Things That Only Happen To You If You Have A Little Brother

    There's honestly just nothing like it.

    1. He's the slowest person on earth...on purpose.

    2. When it comes to buying presents for your parents, the responsibility somehow always falls on you.

    3. Don't expect more than three words in response to anything.

    4. Your younger brother never gets ID'd, but without fail you always do.

    5. You've forced him to play Barbie with you as a kid.

    6. And you probably forced him and his friends to dress up as girls.

    7. Your parents don't seem to care when he's doing nothing around the house but kick up a storm when you forget to take the bins out.

    8. There was only one show you watched after school because you couldn't agree on anything else.

    9. You would always fight as kids and end up taking it too far, resulting in tears and a bribe to make him stop.

    10. And then fast forward 10 years, your brother is suddenly stronger than you and now he's the one winning the fights.

    11. Walking into his room is adventure.

    12. You've realised that you're basically twins after denying that he's your brother for your entire life.

    13. Being right is always a losing battle because he'll pretend to know something about everything.

    14. Being silly in a way that only the two of you will understand or find funny.

    15. They show they love you in their own unique way.

    16. And even though he mostly tells you you're annoying, he guilts you for ~abandoning~ him when you have to move away.

    17. Your younger brother always gets away with things your parents would have killed you for.

    18. And he could literally be in jail, but somehow you're still the child your parents are worried about.

    19. And although he'll annoy you to the ends of the earth, at the end of the day he'll always be your partner in crime.