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18 Things Everyone Who Wears Glasses Knows To Be True

"Wow. Your vision is, like, REALLY bad." Yeah, thanks.

1. Thinking you've lost your glasses, but you're wearing them.

2. When you wear them all the time, but for some reason, some random day, EVERYONE says, "I didn't know you wore glasses!"

3. When people tell you you don't look as smart without your glasses on.

4. Getting a headache if you go 24 hours without them.

5. Having to buy special running or exercise glasses.

6. When you wear headphones, and they press against your glasses in the back of your ears, and it hurts SO BAD.

7. Or when your bangs get caught in the folding part and get ripped out.

8. When your lenses are constantly smudged no matter how many times you clean them.

9. When you hug or kiss someone, and your glasses smash the other person's face.

10. When you wear glasses, but your future's not clear.

11. Getting a haircut, when your stylist asks, “What do you think?”

12. When babies think your glasses are a toy, and you're like, "Actually, I need those."

13. This was your own personal hell as a kid:

14. Trying to do your makeup with glasses on without getting the makeup everywhere like:

15. Speaking of makeup, crying with glasses on is a total nightmare.

16. So is swimming.

17. When you want new frames, but your prescription is expired, so you have to make an APPOINTMENT.

18. But then when you finally find the right pair, and you feel like a whole new person!

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