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These Inspiring Stories Are What You Need To Hear Today

We are shedding light on the stories of four hardworking people who are making positive changes in the world. Check out the full videos to see the surprise Zelle® has in store for them!

BuzzFeed and Zelle® partnered up to give back to four amazing people who are doing great things in their communities. Here are the inspiring stories we have the honor of sharing:

1. Aiyanna and her family are preserving the endangered language of their Kommema Kalapuya tribe.

This dictionary would not only save the Kalapuya language but it would also help educate the world on a sacred and vibrant culture.

2. Cheyenne beat all the odds as a foster youth and is now attending law school so she can support and represent families in the foster care system.

Being a mother gave Cheyenne the drive to go back to school in order to create a joyful and stable upbringing for her daughter that she wasn’t able to have herself.

3. Meymuna is the founder of a restaurant in Southern California that hires former refugee women as chefs.

Meymuna has created the unique and powerful opportunity for former refugees to connect with the LA community while celebrating their homeland.

4. Norina is supporting small businesses and amplifying the local stories of her Chinatown neighborhood.

During the pandemic, many of the small businesses in her neighborhood have been struggling or permanently closed. Luckily, with the help of nonprofits and supportive individuals like Norina, these mom-and-pop shops are learning how to adapt and thrive during this difficult time.

Check out all four Zelle® #Transfer-mation Monday videos to hear their full stories, and join us in supporting their important journeys!