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  • GAYcebook: Facebook Updates Relationship Status to Include Gays

    Personally, when it’s big news that the ‘relationship status options’ were changed to friggin’ Facebook…well you know you’re in a major cultural freefall. I’m telling you, I’m looking over my shoulder for huns. We’re talking about ‘relationship status options’ for some BS glorified MySpace time-waster?

  • Old People Don’t Like Rap Music! (VIDEO)

    Apparently they don’t like any OTHER kind of music the kids are listening to today either… In another gem put together by our intrepid journalist ’Roving’ Rich Collier, you can really see how far musical tastes have declined in the past couple of generations. I personally like the bit when once you person expresses her disdain for ‘old’ music because it’s ‘not efficient’. Genius.

  • Liberals Need to Get Behind Obama

    you’ve been reading this site with any degree of regularity in the last year you probably have already figured out that I am just a tad disappointed with the performance of President Obama thus far. Twenty-three days past the halfway point of his first term finds the man with a mixed record. He called his autobiography “The Audacity of Hope”. During the campaign of 2008, he spoke of change we can believe in. Many of us were hoping for radical change. We didn’t get it – or at least, we haven’t gotten it yet. I am tempted to believe that for purely expedient political reasons, Barack Obama is saving his best routines for act two. Maybe I’m kidding myself. Maybe not. We shall see what we shall see.

  • Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ REVIEW…Madonna Should Ask for Royalties!

    I admit it, I’m not immune to a well orchestrated hype blitz. Between the Anderson Cooper interview, Perez Hilton’s incessant cheerleading and her recent proclamation in Vogue that she’s ‘one of the greatest songwriters’, I was decidedly primed to listen to Lady Gaga’s latest single ‘Born This Way’ with an open mind. After all I’m only human, I’m not ALWAYS right about everything, maybe I’ve been misguided in thinking that the mega shnozzed, ivory tickler is merely a marginally talented Madonna clone, with a gift for pushing buttons and wearing wacky frocks made of cold cuts.

  • Is Halle Berry a Racist? Believes in ‘one-drop Theory’

    Obviously, she’s caught up in this custody case of hers, and she’s lashing out at her ex, trying to garner some urban sympathy, but the fact of the matter is, she’s a phony. She married a white guy, dates mostly white guys, and the black guys she once was involved with were the whitest black guys she could find. In short, all this business about how ‘black’ she feels is total donkey dung.

  • A Review of This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

    Ever since Apple’s famous ’1984′ ad – the original ‘the future is now’ spot – people have been tuning into the big game not only for the on-field drama, but with the naive hope that perhaps they’ll witness another groundbreaking ’1984′ moment. Of course, the closest we’ve come to that since, were those idiotic Budweiser commercials featuring the bullfrogs.

  • Rihanna and Chris Brown Getting Back Together??!!

    If I were him I’d pass on the idea, I mean, she’s already blown Eminem – who’s been reported to have herpes – and god knows how many others she’s rubbed up against. It ain’t worth it bro. You’ll only get upset again, and get loose with your hands, and then you’ll end up in hot water again!

  • Anderson Cooper is ‘scared’ Broadcasts from Undisclosed Location

    Things seem to really be falling off the rails over in Egypt. It’s never a good sign when journalists are targeted, it usually means the government feels they’re losing control – and that’s when very bad things happen. When you’ve got an endless supply of thugs at your disposal – not to mention an entire army – and you feel your power is slipping away, the tendency is to lash out in an a display of ‘shock and awe’.

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