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16 Signs You're Addicted To The Real Housewives

If you've ever been in a physical fight about Real Housewives, it's gone too far. Share your obsession on zeebox!

1. If a marathon is on, so are your comfy pants.

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You're not going anywhere.

2. You yell at your TV when you catch a cast member lying.

3. You've dished about Housewives drama to a friend who doesn't watch the show.

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4. There's a Housewife you love.

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NeNe is your spirit animal.

5. And one you love to hate.

6. Every episode seems way too short.

7. You have a drama-dar. You can smell the impending carnage and you love it.

8. Mama Elsa's hot box of crazy doesn't even phase you anymore.

9. You actually bought one of the Housewives' singles.

10. And one of Kim's wigs.

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11. You've shed actual tears during the more touching moments.

12. But you take a deep breath and pull it together because you're classy as hell.

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13. When they announce a new city, you tell yourself you're not going to watch it.

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How awesome could the "Real Housewives of Missoula" really be?

14. And every time you see a promo for the new season, you try to stay strong.

15. But then you see a picture of the new cast.

16. And you're hooked again.

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