13 Reasons You Should Be On America’s Got Talent

You’re SO talented. Share your favorite AGT moments on zeebox.

1. You’re confident.

NBC / Via nbc.com

2. You’ve got the wardrobe.

3. You and your friends are just like bored, whatever.

If this is really the extent of your talent, maybe you should just cheer for your favorite acts on zeebox.

4. You’re graceful.

5. You own a chicken suit.

6. You can hula hoop.

7. You’re four and adorable.

8. You have some identity issues.

9. You can spell.

NBC / Via gifsoup.com

10. Electricity is included in your rent.

11. You and your brother are close.

NBC / Via nbc.com

12. You have a high tolerance for pain.

NBC / Via nbc.com

13. What else are those eyelid piercings good for?

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