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10 Things The People On Catfish Need To Know

No, you are not dating the world's only phone-less model. Chat about all your favorite internet dating victims on zeebox.

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1. Reverse image search is free.

Emily Steele

Upload any photo--any photo at all--and google will show you where else that photo is publicly displayed. If every single photo of your internet beau is publicly available, cut and run.

3. There's no reason your partner would need your bank account information.

If you believe this, I’d like to introduce you to the only lonely Brazilian swimsuit model alive. No really, she's here in the official 'Catfish TV Room' on zeebox.

6. International models without international cell phones can buy a local prepaid phone for $20.

Stefun FunFun / Via

If they wanted to call you and/or were a real person, they would call you.

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