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Ryan Murphy CALL ME!

I Have The Perfect Idea For Your Next "Feud."

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Is anyone else already obsessed with 'Feud'?

I will admit I am a terrible gay and have never seen "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane." But BOY-O-BOY I am going to snatch the nearest VHS copy and put that puppy in.

The costumes, THE DRAMA!, the makeup, the wheelchairs! This series is giving me life. I know Ryan Murphy has already announced next season will be about Charles and Diana but that sounds BORING. Scrap that because the next great FEUD is...


It has the costumes, the MAKEUP, the DRAMA!, and all the restaurants are wheelchair accessible. But because I know Ryan Murphy is busy being a DADDY I have taken the liberty of casting it myself. See below!

Get these Lady Gagas out of Susan Sarandon's hair!

Ugh such a good feud! RYAN MURPHY these ideas are MINE, but I will sell them to you! Contact my agent! You can find him working the night shift at the Mcdonald's off the 405.

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