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    10 Amazing Women Revolutionizing The Way We Read And Consume Books On Instagram.

    These women read widely, vividly, voraciously, and they give us beautiful pictures, perfectly worded sentences, and artful reviews.

    Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and found yourself in the company of a beautiful book picture, insightful review, that gives you a rare kind of homecoming, spiritual embrace and a push to read more diverse books and consume more books from women?

    1. Sophia @Sophia_Stories

    2. Fifi @KenyanBibliophile

    3. Charlott @half_book_and_co

    4. Oni @bookandcoffeestains

    5. Darkowaa @Africanbookaddic

    6. Angela @Baosbooks

    7. Chrissy @blackgirlsreadtoo

    8. Adira @introvertinterrupted

    9. Makeda @colourlit_uk

    10. Mayowa @mayowa_reads

    Do you have more recommendations? Or do you see any of your favorite on the list?

    Then tell us in the comments below.