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Tailoring service is all about fit, but for the first time, it is very difficult to make the garment perfect.

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1 A good tailor

The passage from childhood to maturity does not occur when you start to get a mustache, when (finally) you maintain your first sexual relationship or when, once very meditated, you give the step to work life. DO NOT! A man becomes a man when he takes the bull by the horns and decides to make a suit to measure. And for that you need to choose a good tailor. This is like virginity: would you lose it with the first one that happens? (You do not have to answer this question, thank you).

2 What do you want?

Although it seems silly, this question is fundamental when deciding how the suit should be. If you want it for work and a daily use, the fabrics will have to be stronger, while if you want to do something very special, you will opt for fabrics with more threads and less weight. For running? Sorry, you're making a mistake, that's a tracksuit. (You see how important it is to know what you want it for?).

3 Color

Okay, you know what you want it for and you've given 'your flower' to a trustworthy tailor. Let's choose the design of your suit. Which color do you want? For those who start in these proceedings the best is to opt for a dark gray or a navy blue: neither the absolute clarity nor the forcefulness of the black, something more for the day to day and that happens more or less unnoticed among the people. Yes, you would love to wear a red Lapo Elkann outfit, but you've stopped to think how many outfits you have in your closet.

4 Be still

The grace of a tailored suit online is that it has your measurements, as its name implies, something like a map of your body. Well, so that the cartographer, that is, the tailor, can do the patterns (if it is one that makes them, because others choose to mark the fabric directly), the important thing is that you are still and follow all the instructions .

5 Is not tomorrow

Forget about hurrying the tailor and let alone tell him that you need the suit for ya. You are in a business where time is one more factor to contemplate. Think is that you will have to perform at least two tests to finish adjusting and that takes time (think about two months).

6 Be advised

That yes, that you want it with lapels roll Tony Manero because your colleagues have told you that it is the most, but you do not let your body ask you otherwise. A tailor is a kind of sculptor with cloth. Keep in mind that the secret of the suit (hence its price) is that it will enhance the most interesting parts of your body (and we are not referring to what you are thinking) and conceal what we need to hide. A fallen shoulder? Nothing happens, if the tailor is good you will see how everything recovers its site. Magic? No, tailoring.

7 Slim fit

A tip of style. The job of a tailor takes time. That is, usually a good tailor has many years of experience and his clientele usually combs gray (if they have something to comb), so his aesthetic tends to be classic and may not fully correspond with your aesthetic tastes. Our advice is to ask that the trouser leg be narrow, it will make you feel better.

8 Mil details

The jacket, two, three or crossed? With a match or without a match? The flaps, narrow or broad? The pants, with low single or with return? With tweezers or without tweezers? And the lining? With straps, belt? You might have thought that all the suits were the same, but no, my friend, the universe of tailoring is almost infinite. It is good to know this not to put on poker face when the tailor asks you how you want the design to be.

9 But ... this much?

We could explain that a tailor made costume is a piece of handicraft, which is handmade, that the fabrics are a true wonder, that lasts for a lifetime, that ... what ... that ... But we, what you You really want to know the price. Well, it all depends on the tailor you go to, but you think it will not fall below € 1,000. From there, practically what you want.

10 Who do fixed?

An easy option for the uninitiated is to look at who is wearing a suit, then go to the tailor's shop with the photo and say, "I want it that way." In our list of men who dress like no one this piece of clothing we find Prince Charles of England, Lapo Elkann, Ryan Gosling, Henry Cavill, Tom Ford, Manolo Blhanik or Félix Gómez (to put an example 'made in Spain').

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