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This Planner Was LITERALLY Made For Book Lovers & You Need It


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Calling all book nerds! There's a new planner that will make you feel organized AF and it was made just for you.

Meet Megan Easter.

Instagram: @littleinklingsdesign

She's the creator of the Etsy shop, Little Inklings Design, where she makes a lot of bookish merch, including bookmarks, mugs, prints, candles, etc.

Towards the end of last year, Easter had the brilliant idea to make a planner just for "book lovers".

Instagram: @littleinklingsdesign

Not only does the planner look gorgeous, it includes everything a book lover needs.

Instagram: @nicolesbundleofbooks

Ever wanted one of those book spreads that people always put in their bullet journals? This planner has that!

Instagram: @onceuponasav

At the beginning of each month there's a space for your to-be-read list, or TBR, as well as a calendar for new releases.

Instagram: @iam

There's even extra spaces on Tuesdays since that's the day most books are released.

Then, at the end of each month there's a space for your book reviews.

Instagram: @pagetravels

And if you're worried there won't be enough space for all the books you'll read in a month, there's overflow book review pages at the back of the planner.

There's also a "Monthly Wrap-Up" spread so you can keep track of the books you purchased and your fave quotes.

Instagram: @nicolesbundleofbooks

Besides the bookish features, there's also space for your 2018 goals, shows to binge watch, movies to see, and more!

Instagram: @littleinklingsdesign

Unfortunately, the planner is sold out at the moment, but that doesn't mean it won't be back in stock.

Instagram: @littleinklingsdesign

Easter has been selling the planner in limited quantities since it first went on sale.

Easter even seemed to hint recently that there could more planners coming soon on her Instagram story.

Megan Easter / @littleinklingsdesgin / Via Instagram: @littleinklingsdesign

You can follow her on Instagram to get regular updates on her shop and be the first to know if the planner goes back on sale.

Instagram: @bookloverinblue
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