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    7 Time Saving Apps And Services You Need In Your Life

    Live a busy life and looking for the perfect time saving app or service? We did some research, and we're sure theses apps/services will help you save you time the best way possible.

    Pocket - View Interesting Things Later

    Pocket / Via

    Ever intend to go on Twitter or Facebook for a few minutes, but end up spending valuable hours on it instead? All those clickbait articles are so hard to avoid! The Pocket app will save your life in this situation. The app lets you save articles or any items you see to a list (aka "pocket"), and when you have more time later in the day, you can visit your pocket and view them then.

    Fiix - Car Repair At Your Home

    Fiix / Via

    Isn't it a pain when you have to waste your whole morning/afternoon travelling to and waiting at the repair shop to have your car serviced? Especially when it's cold or rainy outside... Fiix solves that problem for you by sending expert, certified mechanics to your home to service your car. Now you can have your tires changed, oil changed, brakes repaired, and more, all while relaxing in your warm, cozy home. They'll even bring you a coffee!

    Endy Sleep

    Endy Sleep / Via

    Mattress shopping is probably one of the most annoying things. You need to go to the store, test out a mattress, decide if you like it, then either have it shipped to you or strapped to the top of your car. On top of that you have to carry the heavy, huge thing inside your house and into your room... But Endy Sleep streamlines all this and makes it super easy to try and get a new mattress. First, Endy folds their proprietary mattress into a small, portable container which makes it extremely easy to transport. And they give you a 100 night free trial period where you can truly decide if you like it or not. Amazing!

    Todoist - Accomplish More, Every Day

    Todoist / Via

    Time is precious and productivity is important. Some of you may have your own to-do list app, but if you want to supercharge your to-do list with some great features in order to help you stay on track, then Todoist is perfect for you. A sleek, elegant design coupled with the ability to set deadlines, organize information, all synced across all your platforms - it can't get much better than that.

    Polymail - GMail On Steroids

    Polymail / Via

    GMail is cool and all, but oftentimes you want to get more out of your email. Ever want to see when someone has opened your email? Or schedule a time to send a drafted email? Or snooze emails until you need them? Or even un-send an email?!? Then you definitely need Polymail. It's GMail, but on steroids.

    SnapTravel - Hotel Booking Made Easy

    SnapTravel / Via

    SnapTravel is the app for anyone who hates researching across all the different travel and hotel sites for the best deal and quality when it comes to booking a hotel. Ever heard of chat bots? That's exactly what SnapTravel is. You can chat with the app through SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Slack, and the app will take all your preferences, give you the best options for you, and even let you book the hotel within the app. It's like talking to your personal travel agent without the long wait times!

    Blinkist - Read An Entire Book In 15 Minutes

    Blinkist / Via

    Blinkist is an app which gives you the ability to read any book, within 15 minutes. Enough said. Imagine the amount of time you'd save!

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