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    Here's How To Roast A Leg Of Lamb For Eid

    The secret the Aunties never tell you: IT'S REALLY EASY.

    Muslims around the world celebrate Bakra Eid by slaughtering a goat and cooking a feast. I don't even have a backyard at my apartment in New York City, so this year, I settled for roasting a leg of lamb instead.

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    It took me a while to figure out how to celebrate Eid in America, and I wrote about it here.

    1. Here are the ingredients you'll need.

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    Get the leg of lamb from a halal butcher if you can. The full recipe is at the bottom of this post. Here is a step-by-step.

    2. Stab little holes all over the lamb with a knife and then stick the garlic cloves inside.

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    Slice any really large cloves so that they'll fit. This way, the garlic flavors the lamb FROM THE INSIDE.

    3. Put the remaining ingredients, except the yogurt, in a blender.

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    And puree until everything is totally smooth.

    4. Add the yogurt and blend again.

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    Make sure to use whole milk yogurt!

    5. Put the marinade in a big bowl, stick the lamb in there and mix it all together.

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    I love using my hands to do this.

    6. Cover the whole thing with plastic wrap and chill it in the fridge for at least four hours.

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    7. Roast the marinated leg of lamb in a roasting pan or, if you don't have one of those, on a rack set over a baking sheet.

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    It gets all delicious and browned on the outside.

    8. Invite your friends because...

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    Serve the lamb with a mix of homemade dishes and stuff you can get from your favorite take-out (like samosas and naan).

    Read about the whole menu here.

    Tandoori Leg of Lamb

    Serves: 4-6

    Recipe by Zainab Shah


    1 (1.5-pound) bone-in leg of lamb

    6 cloves garlic, whole (slice them if they are large)

    2 chopped onions

    6 whole cloves

    2 inch piece of ginger, peeled and chopped

    1 teaspoon turmeric powder

    2 teaspoon coriander powder

    2 teaspoon garam masala

    2 teaspoon cumin powder

    4 to 5 small Thai green chiles or 2 teaspoons red chile powder

    Juice of 1 large lemon or 2 limes

    2 tablespoons canola oil

    1 bunch cilantro

    1 large pinch salt

    1 bunch mint leaves

    1 cup plain, whole Greek yogurt

    Raita (yogurt sauce) and mint chutney, optional (recipes below)


    With a knife, make slits in the leg of lamb and insert the garlic cloves into the meat. Combine all the remaining ingredients except the yogurt in a blender and puree until smooth. Add the yogurt and blend again to mix everything evenly. Rub this mixture all over the lamb and marinate least 4 hours or overnight in an airtight container in the fridge.

    Place the marinated leg of lamb in a roasting pan and cook in the center of an oven at 375 F (190 C) for 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. Serve the leg of lamb on a platter, with the sauces on the side. Garnish the platter with lemon wedges and cilantro, if you want.


    Serves 4-6

    Recipe by Fazilat Shah


    1 cup plain whole-milk yogurt

    ⅓ cup whole milk

    ½ cucumber, peeled and grated or fine-chopped

    Salt and pepper, to taste

    Cumin powder, to taste

    Red chile powder, to taste


    In a bowl, combine all the ingredients.

    Mint Chutney

    Serves 4-6

    Recipe by Zainab Shah


    1 cup mint leaves

    1 cup cilantro leaves

    1 Thai green chile, stemmed

    ½-inch piece ginger, peeled

    1 teaspoon cumin powder

    2 tablespoons lemon juice

    Kosher salt, to taste (you could also use black salt, which adds a sharper more peppery taste)


    Combine all ingredients in a blender. Puree until the mixture is a thick, smooth chutney.


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    Tandoori Leg of Lamb




    Achaar (pickle)

    Gulab Jamun (South Asian doughnuts in sweet syrup)