It was jobs against the climate in this year’s environmental politics fights. Jobs won.

Zahra Hirji • 5 days ago

Oil and gas companies spent millions this year in opposition to the proposed rule.

Zahra Hirji • 5 days ago

The justices, however, strongly suggested that the 9th Circuit should take another look at the case before it goes to trial.

Chris Geidner • 9 days ago

In most of the country, candidates don’t have to wade through the environmental muck. Not so in Florida.

Zahra Hirji • 10 days ago

If Jair Bolsonaro opens the Amazon to more business, as his backers want, the new president threatens the world’s ability to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Zahra Hirji • 13 days ago

Environmentalists who want to pass new regulations on oil and gas sites in Colorado have raised about $1 million. Their oil industry opponents have raised more than $35 million.

Zahra Hirji • 14 days ago

“This case seeks redress for a longstanding fraudulent scheme by Exxon,” the lawsuit states.

Zahra Hirji • 19 days ago

There are a few things wrong with the president’s claim that the US has the “Cleanest Air in the World — BY FAR!”

Zahra Hirji • 20 days ago

Zinke also considered giving his wife an official Interior Department volunteer job, which would have allowed her to travel with him for free.

Zahra Hirji • 24 days ago

Climate scientists called Trump’s climate comments “disturbing,” “nonsense,” “disappointing,” and “sad.”

Zahra Hirji • 28 days ago

“I want to know where my son is and did he sleep on the floor,” one inmate’s mother told BuzzFeed News.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

Experts predict potentially life-threatening storm surges — as high as 12 feet — in parts of the Florida Panhandle.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

“We know that a storm like Michael can be devastating and deadly,” said Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

Meeting the ambitious climate target is still feasible, scientists say, but would require sweeping changes to how we live in the next few decades.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

The order calls for “the best available science.” Critics say it does the opposite.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

“I appear to be the ‘fall guy’ for their plan to ‘disappear’ the office of children’s health,” top EPA official Ruth Etzel wrote in an email after being put on leave.

Nidhi Subbaraman • One month ago

The costs of the safety rule outweighed the benefits, according to federal officials.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

“It goes from zero to 100 pretty quick,” said a rescuer in North Carolina.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

“I’ve never seen so much help in my life.” The scene on the ground as FEMA workers rushed to help an assisted living facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Zahra Hirji • One month ago