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One Heartbreak Everyone Has Experienced

It’s the circle of life.

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Heartbreak...we've all been there. It feels like your world is crashing, and all you really want to do is, well, absolutely fucking nothing. Yeah...heartbreak is a real thing.

I loses its taste

You don't even care if you wear the same shirt three times in a row without washing it.

...And yeah, of course this.

But seriously, what do you actually do? Go for a walk? Why? So the world can see how much of a hot-ass-mess you actually are?

Yeah...let's just stay inside.

...Or maybe write a novel about the dark, empty hole that was once your heart?

...How about expressing your heartbreak by finding your inner artist with some pavement and chalk?

...Oh...No. She didn't.

Don't let your girlfriend invalidate your feelings! Ending a show after binge-watching, is by far the hardest break up. EVER.

But after searching and searching you find a new show that sparks your interest just as much, if not more, than the last one! Life just got better.

The show is so good that you get back to your normal routine. Break up, who?

And then you realize that, that show will also end too.

After all that hard work of'll eventually end, and leave you just like the rest. What. The. Fuck.

So, the cycle continues...and you're right back to square one.

But don't lose hope, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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