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    This Plot Hole From 'Air Bud' Will Leave You Shook

    A basketball-playing golden retriever? That's ruff.

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    You might remember Air Bud, the greatest movie ever made about a basketball-playing dog.


    The story is about Josh Framm, a lonely little boy, who finds a special dog and decides to let him play on his school's basketball team.

    I, for one, am a HUGE Air Bud fan. I think it's a perfect franchise, but one thing has always bothered me...

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    WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BE OKAY WITH GETTING BENCHED BY A DOG ON THE BASKETBALL TEAM?! I mean how embarrassing would that be?! I don't care if the Timberwolves started winning games once Buddy got on the scene, I ain't sitting on the bench because of a dog!


    So we decided to make a dramatic short film about the boy who was benched for Air Bud. Enjoy:

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