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    12 Life Lessons That You Will Learn In College

    I think college prepared me for the real world?

    Congratulations, college graduate! It's now time to head out into the real world and experience life as an adult. That means sending out your resume, job interviews, and bragging about all of the things you learned in college.

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    "What are some things you learned in college?” is a tough question any post-grad has to deal with. So, here's what you actually got out of your degree!

    1. Success requires a lot of teamwork and patience.

    2. Learning how to juggle various tasks at once.

    3. Initiating who is going to be the designated driver so you can get wasted.

    4. Spending all you money on booze and food, you know, the finer things in life.

    5. Calling in back-up when you need it.

    6. Figuring out the exact percentage you need to achieve your goals (or like, graduate).

    7. Being an effective communicator...

    8. ...And never giving up.

    9. Motivating those around you.

    10. And researching life's toughest questions.

    11. Learning the best way to spend your day.

    12. And finding your true ~ bliss ~ in life.

    And after you reflect on all those valuable lessons...well, your resume will just write itself.